Getting started

Welcome to the Size Of Herefordshire Interactive Web Map.

Zoom in by double clicking on the map, to the part of Herefordshire you want to sponsor. Alternatively, click on the symbol on the upper right of the map and enter the postcode or the name of the nearest village or town to the land you want to sponsor.

Keep zooming in until you see the square grid appear. Moving your cursor, find the square or squares you want to sponsor. Each square represents 10 hectares and costs £5 to sponsor. You can sponsor as many squares as you like up to a maximum of 8 squares at one go. You add squares by moving your cursor onto the next square and clicking.

When you have selected all the squares you want, click on the Click to Buy tab. That will take you through to JustGiving/Forest Peoples Programme page, where you can make your donation.

If you donate less than £5 for each square, the Just Giving page will gratefully accept your money but the square will revert to being unsponsored, free for someone else to buy.